The Fifth District 2021 Study Club series will consist of two in-person events on March 5 and September 17, providing a great opportunity for networking and collaboration with fellow members. 
Your safety is top priority, and the March 5 program will be held at The Venue in Leawood, where standard protocols include requiring masks, temperature checks, heightened cleaning protocols, and contact tracing. Our group will be the only one at the facility that day, so there will be ample space to engage in social distancing.

2021 Study Club Brochure 


Friday, September 17, 2021

Plus Cocktails & Door Prizes Thursday Evening, 6-8pm

We are partnering with our sister organization Greater Kansas City Dental Society to bring this special event to the Kansas City area! Multiple tracks will be offered including Practice Management and Clinical topics, along with optional labs.

Plan now to bring the entire dental team!

Sheraton Overland Park

8:00am to 5:00pm

Course descriptions listed below. Registration opens this summer. For more information, contact the Fifth District Dental Society


Behrendt Photo"The Four Keys to Master Treatment Acceptance"

Presented by Kirk Behrendt of ACT Dental


Appropriate for the Entire Dental Team


Bring your team to this incredibly valuable lecture to see the PROVEN ways patients are saying “YES” in the current economy. This high-energy lecture will give you and your team a simple treatment plan to start on Monday to change your practice immediately. Come to this seminar to see the 4 ways great dental teams are adapting to the ever-changing world and make these relationships “POWER-full” to keep treatment acceptance and production numbers up.

· Learn the 4 step process behind a highly productive practice that gives patients more confidence to say yes consistently.

· Apply 3 easy changes to your schedule that can double your production in the next few months.

· Learn the 6 best power phrases you could ever say to a patient to increase the new patient flow in case acceptance percentage.

· See the critical steps to establishing and implementing an elegant handoff with patients.

· Learn how to remove the obstacles to help patients “pay in full” or “pay in full” to eliminate your Accounts Receivable.

· See the 4 most powerful questions to ask a patient and how to use them.


Behrendt Photo


"Cutting Edge Technology with Digital Design and Real World Cosmetic Dentistry: Faults, Failures, and Fixes"

Presented by Joyce Bassett, DDS

Failures in dentistry are frequently blamed on materials, but in reality, many times operator error is the culprit. This innovative and fast-paced course will focus on aesthetics that are BUILT TO LAST. Clear, concise, and systemized techniques will be presented to treat every aspect from simple to complex cases involving veneers, crowns and implant restorations. These protocols will increase profitability by preventing failures that occur day-to-day in your office. Cutting edge preparation techniques that will simplify difficult space management cases will be presented, along with how to handle shade challenges and when preparation modifications may be necessary. You will understand how to integrate flowable composite on the provisional and communicate the final patient approved shapes. State of the art digital smile design linking 3D prosthetic planning with fundamental principles and real-time communication that decreases dentist chair time and ceramist re-work. The relationship of form and function precludes treating anterior teeth as cosmetic challenges alone. Aesthetic and functional parameters of incisor position and morphology, dental facial treatment planning, determination of vertical dimension, and bite force management will be presented as components that allow comprehensive restorative treatment. Occlusal guidance must be understood so the final designs of the restoration can accommodate the intra-oral forces assuring longevity and predictability of the prosthesis.

Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to:
• Integrate sound occlusal principles to create synergy between form and function
• Identify which adhesives and restorative materials work the best for maximum predictability and learn matricing techniques and bulkfill technology for mastering posterior composite.

Behrendt Photo

AFTERNOON LAB (Additional Lab Fee)

"Composite Artistry: Mastering Posterior & Anterior Techniques for Direct Composite and Creating Undetectable Restorations"


Presented by Joyce Bassett, DDS


Direct aesthetic restorations are the most requested performed procedures in any dental practice today. New advancements in resin and photo-polymerization technology allows us to simplify these procedures without compromising quality. A clinical update on adhesive technology will be presented. Dr. Bassett will clear the confusion of bonding agents and techniques ranging from incremental layering to bulk fill technology in the posterior. Techniques to create morphologically precise direct anterior and posterior composite restorations will be discussed and demonstrated. This course will train your eyes to see the different dimensions of color when evaluating an anterior tooth. You will then learn which opacities and thickness to use in each area to be reconstructed and make a fracture line disappear. Subsequently, your eye will see the reflective surfaces and facial anatomy and learn step by step finishing and polishing technique to mimic the contralateral tooth and create a morphologically precise undetectable restoration. Learn when and how to use pink composite to mimic gingiva.

Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to:
• Train your eyes to see color, line angles, reflective surface, shape, and form in the adjacent tooth that is being replicated
• Learn how to achieve a predictable composite restoration following the stratification of opacities and achieve undetectable restorations
• Learn how to layer the different opacities of composite, opaquing, tinting, finishing and surface texture to create natural light reflection and make a fracture line disappear.

Study Club FAQs

What is Study Club?

Study Club is an optional continuing education series offered to Fifth District Members and ADA Members. Study Club tuition fees are separate from ADA/KDA/Fifth District annual membership dues paid through the KDA (or applicable constituent society) and may be purchased a la carte per meeting or prepaid through a Study Club Season Membership.

What is Study Club Season Membership?

A reduced tuition rate is available to current ADA members through March 5, 2021. This prepaid annual fee will cover all 2021 Fifth District Study Club programs.

What if I am a Life or Retired Member?

A special rate is available for ADA Life and Retired members purchasing the Study Club Season Membership. Life and Retired members that do not purchase the season membership will be charged the standard pay-per-meeting fee.

What if I am a recent graduate?

Fees are prorated based on graduation year.


Study Club Season Membership: $500 (prepaid by March 5, 2021 and available to ADA members only) SPECIAL: If paid by January 15, 2021, cost is only $425!

ADA Life or Retired Study Club Season Membership: $100 (prepaid by March 5, 2021)

Recent Graduates Prorated based on year of graduation (level determined by ADA)

  • First full calendar year after graduation: Free
  • Second calendar year after graduation: $125
  • Third calendar year after graduation: $250
  • Fourth calendar year after graduation $375


  • ADA member and Non-ADA Member Dentist: $350 per meeting, including meal
  • Dental Office Team Member (price includes meal): $50 for March meeting; $75 for September meeting
  • Life/Retired ADA Member: $350 per meeting, including meal