Due to the uncertainty of scheduling large events at this time, the Fifth District Program Committee has chosen to delay the start of the 2020-21 Study Club series. Currently, plans are being made to offer two programs, one in late January and one in early March, with more information coming soon. 

Study Club Season Membership offering a prepaid discounted tuition rate will also be available, so check our upcoming newsletters and watch your inbox for updates. ​

Study Club FAQs

What is Study Club?

Study Club is an optional continuing education series offered to Fifth District Members and ADA Members. Study Club tuition fees are separate from ADA/KDA/Fifth District annual membership dues paid through the KDA (or applicable constituent society) and may be purchased a la carte per meeting or prepaid through a Study Club Season Membership.

What is Study Club Season Membership?

Any current ADA member is eligible to purchase the Study Club Season Membership by prepaying for 2020-21 programs at a reduced rate. 

What if I am a Life or Retired Member?

A special rate is available for ADA Active Life, Retired and Retired Life Members that purchase a Study Club Season Membership. Life and Retired members that choose not to purchase the Season Membership will be charged the regular ADA pay-per-meeting tuition fee.

What if I am a recent graduate?

Fees are prorated based on graduation year.

What is the cost to attend Study Club?

(All prices include lunch) 

Fifth District Member​ ADA member whose primary practice is located in Kansas counties Franklin, Johnson, Linn, or Miami: $500

Associate Member ​ADA member outside Fifth District boundaries: $500

Recent Graduates Prorated based on year of graduation (level determined by ADA)

  • First full calendar year after graduation: Free
  • Second calendar year after graduation: $125
  • Third calendar year after graduation: $250
  • Fourth calendar year after graduation $375

Active Life, Retired, or Retired Life ADA member with Active Life, Retired, or Retired Life status through the ADA/KDA (or applicable constituent/component society): $100


  • Any ADA Dentist not purchasing Season Membership: $350 per meeting, including meal
  • Non-ADA Dentist: $350 per meeting, including meal
  • Dental Team Member: $50 per meeting, including meal