The Fifth District 2021 Study Club series will consist of two in-person events on March 5 and September 17, providing a great opportunity for networking and collaboration with fellow members. 
Your safety is top priority, and the March 5 program will be held at The Venue in Leawood, where standard protocols include requiring masks, temperature checks, heightened cleaning protocols, and contact tracing. Our group will be the only one at the facility that day, so there will be ample space to engage in social distancing.

2021 Study Club Brochure

Consider purchasing a Study Club Season Membership (available to ADA members only), which will save you $200 over the pay-per-meeting price ($275 if purchased by January 15, 2021).
2021 Season Membership Form

Study Club FAQs

What is Study Club?

Study Club is an optional continuing education series offered to Fifth District Members and ADA Members. Study Club tuition fees are separate from ADA/KDA/Fifth District annual membership dues paid through the KDA (or applicable constituent society) and may be purchased a la carte per meeting or prepaid through a Study Club Season Membership.

What is Study Club Season Membership?

A reduced tuition rate is available to current ADA members through March 5, 2021. This prepaid annual fee will cover all 2021 Fifth District Study Club programs.

What if I am a Life or Retired Member?

A special rate is available for ADA Life and Retired members purchasing the Study Club Season Membership. Life and Retired members that do not purchase the season membership will be charged the standard pay-per-meeting fee.

What if I am a recent graduate?

Fees are prorated based on graduation year.


Study Club Season Membership: $500 (prepaid by March 5, 2021 and available to ADA members only) SPECIAL: If paid by January 15, 2021, cost is only $425!

ADA Life or Retired Study Club Season Membership: $100 (prepaid by March 5, 2021)

Recent Graduates Prorated based on year of graduation (level determined by ADA)

  • First full calendar year after graduation: Free
  • Second calendar year after graduation: $125
  • Third calendar year after graduation: $250
  • Fourth calendar year after graduation $375


  • ADA member and Non-ADA Member Dentist: $350 per meeting, including meal
  • Dental Office Team Member (price includes meal): $50 for March meeting; $75 for September meeting
  • Life/Retired ADA Member: $350 per meeting, including meal