Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advocacy

The ADA is lobbied Congress and the administration to protect dental patients and staff who are providing urgent and emergency care during the COVID-19 pandemic. The ADA is also lobbed to help dental practices stay viable during (and following) prolonged periods of reduced hours or closure. Visit to learn more about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) advocacy efforts.

​Benefits of Membership

There are many great reasons to be part of organized dentistry, and we would love to grow the Fifth District membership base in ​2020! You can help in two ways:

- Encourage the associates in your dental practice to become members.
- Notify the Fifth District or KDA when a new dental practice opens up in your area. Better yet, pay a visit and encourage them to become members!

Fifth District members receive all the membership benefits under the umbrella of the KDA and ADA, plus…
- Quality CE offered locally at a discounted rate
- Leadership opportunities beginning on the local level and expanding to state and national levels
- Building camaraderie and networking with local colleagues
- Safety net programs (Peer Review and Emergency Practice Aid)
- Classified advertising through the Fifth District monthly newsletter
- Opportunity to purchase health insurance through the KDA Health Plan
- Eligibility for substantial savings on supplies through The Dentists Supply Company

In case you could use a few talking points, click here for a list of top ten reasons to become a member of the KDA/ADA.